Bio-Resonance Therapy

Non-invasive, safe & effective therapy to assist many illnesses/imbalances without side effects. Uses electromagnetic frequencies to bring homeostasis.

How it Works

Bio-Resonance Therapy

Bio-Resonance Therapy is based on the principles of Dr Royal Rife. It uses an instrument that generates electro-magnetic frequencies, which are transmitted through the body via the hands or the feet.

In the 1920s, Rife created a powerful light microscope which allowed one to see live viruses in tissue samples, for the first time. Later he developed a device which emitted an electromagnetic field that successfully disabled disease-causing pathogens without harming the human (or animal) host. He discovered that each virus, bacterium and parasite was fatally sensitive to a specific wave frequency, which he was able to witness via his microscope.

Further development of the work after he died, has lead to many uses of frequencies in the field of Natural, Complementary and Alternative medicine. These frequencies from the device were found to be beneficial to the body's tissues, strengthening cells and improving nutrient absorption and waste removal. People all over the world are using this therapy to heal from cancer, infectious diseases (flu, Lyme, Candida, Ebola, anthrax, etc.), and degenerative conditions. It can be used to treat conditions, such as: arthritis, influenza, bronchitis, tonsillitis, shingles, candidiasis, fibrositis, chronic fatigue syndrome, glandular fever, cellulitis, sports injuries and many other acute and chronic diseases.

Not only are viruses and other pathogens destroyed, but also damaged tissues are detoxified and regenerated and stress is reduced (reactive treatment). Bio-Resonance therapy can therefore also be used to enhance general health and prevent illness (prophylactic treatment).